Top Democrats Find Another Way To Get Trump Out Of Office And It’s Not Impeachment (VIDEO)

Since Donald Trump has been in office, top Democrats like Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Congressman Al Green have been very vocal in calling for his impeachment. Even moving forward with the process it takes to get the job done.

However, according to NBC News, House Democrats have found a different way to get Trump out of Washington. This effort is being led by freshman Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland. Raskin and a growing group of dens have presented a bill that could send Trump packing if he’s found to be mentally ill. With his latest actions, that probably won’t be hard to prove.

The President Of The United States took to Twitter to attack the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe and then tweeted out a gif that portrayed him beating up CNN in a wrestling match. Just childish. Trump has some weird obsession with the media as much as he claims to hate them. He’s clearly not stable enough to focus on running the country.

That is why Raskin presenting this case is something more people are starting to back. Although he introduced the idea back in April, more people are starting to question the President’s mental state after his recent and they are hopping on board. Raskin is working hard to ensure that this will apply to Trump and any future President. Durning an interview with CNN’s ‘Outfront’ he said

“We’ve got to make sure that we have a president who is able faithfully to discharge the duties of the office. This is not just for one president — it’s for all of the presidents. And I think we can come together in a bipartisan way.”

The bipartisan way is, according to NBC is,  Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, which allows the vice president to remove the president if he or she has the consent of the majority of the Cabinet or “such other body as Congress,” if they believe he cannot “discharge the powers and duties of the office.” 

Let’s hope this is something that gains more momentum and actually passes. This is a man who is willing to go to war with anyone if they say something wrong about him or something he doesn’t like. Very childlike. A grown man who uses Twitter as a form of communication for EVERYTHING. From rants to disrespect. Is that someone we really want for President? Check the video out below for more details on the 25th Amendment.

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