Tomi Lahren Just Agreed Benghazi Wasn’t Hillary’s Fault, Yemen Is ‘The New Benghazi’ (VIDEO)

Tomi Lahren just proved that she is nothing more than just a “pretty” right-wing mouthpiece when she attempted to take on Bill Maher and his Real Time panel on Friday night. She should probably just stick to those teleprompter rants of hers on The Blaze because she was WAY out of her league. BIGLY!

Recently, Lahren appeared on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, and she did pretty well there, but mainly because Trevor, nice guy that he is, might have taken it just a TINY bit easy on her.

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She was not so lucky with Bill Maher OR his other guests.

The panel discussion begins with Maher naming some of the executive orders that Trump has signed over the past two weeks, among them: allowing guns to be sold to “the severely mentally ill,” letting mining companies“dump their toxic waste into a stream,” allowing oil companies to get away with no longer “reporting the bribes they get from third-world dictators,” and doing away with a “fiduciary rule that prevented financial advisors from ripping off their clients”

Lahren struggled immediately with trying to have an intelligent debate about “toxic waste” and the rest of the panel basically laughed her and her stumbling remarks off as a joke. But THEN… then the tough stuff came when Maher brought up Trump’s failed raid on Yemen, which resulted in the death of U.S. Navy Seal, William “Ryan” Owens, as well as countless civilian casualties including an 8-year-old American child.

“It was a huge fuck up! Now, I’m not saying that was all Donald Trump’s fault—although it doesn’t look good. But if it was Hillary Clinton, this would be the new Benghazi. This would be Benghazi times ten,” Maher stated.

Lahren stammers incoherently about something to do with intentions, which Maher calls her on, then she says something that will have her fans, and probably Trump, fuming!

We don’t want to give it all away. Just watch:

But it gets much worse for Lahren, as the episode continues. If you think the above was bad, just watch the rest of the panel discussion — topics include: whether a black president would be forgiven for behaving like Trump, the U.C. Berkely protests, Steve Bannon, etc… The discussion (including New Rules) continues below. You’ll especially love this if you’re an Atlanta Falcons fan:

Featured image via video screenshot

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