Toddler Trump EXPLODES In Morning Hissy Fit After Trumpcare Bill Fails Miserably

Donald Trump’s attempt to strip healthcare from millions of Americans has failed, and he threw a giant temper tantrum about it on Twitter Tuesday morning.

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The Republican bill to replace the Affordable Care Act is so bad that many Republicans in the Senate wanted nothing to do with it.

When the bill failed on Monday, Trump issued a brief tweet telling Republicans to let the Affordable Care Act fail and said that will force Democrats to “join in” next time Republicans bring up his disastrous bill.

Let’s just get this out of the way. That pipe dream is not going to happen. Obamacare is the law of the land and it is working. It is also becoming more and more popular. In fact, it’s far more popular among Americans than Trump is or ever will be.

Trump knows this is the truth because on Tuesday morning he exploded with another healthcare rant in which he called for Republicans to change the rules in the Senate so that a majority vote would be enough to pass Trumpcare. That’s 51 votes, folks.

Keep in mind that if Democrats had changed the rules like that during President Obama’s first six months in office, Republicans would have whined and accused Democrats of tyranny. It should also be pointed out that if Republicans change the rules, it would backfire on them once Democrats retake control of the Senate.

Trump blamed Democrats for the failure of his bill despite the fact that Republicans control Congress.

Obstruction by the Democrats is not to blame, however. The problem is that Trump’s repeal and replace bill is a bad one for the American people. The wealthy will love it because they get tax cuts. But it sentences thousands of Americans to death because it takes away vital healthcare coverage that they need.

But again, like a raging toddler who didn’t get what they wanted, Trump threw a tantrum.

Can you imagine if President Obama had whined like this on Twitter?

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