This Tweet Is The PERFECT Answer To Trump’s Voting Commission’s Demands For Our Private Info


More than half the states now are blasting Trump’s voting commission for requesting voter information that isn’t necessarily publicly available, and indeed, that request violates privacy laws everywhere. Worse, the commission’s approved submission methods are either through its email address or through the Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE). SAFE is “a secure FTP site the federal government uses for transferring large data files.” It’s only for sending unclassified information (which alone makes all our confidential information more vulnerable than it ought to be).

Since the commission put links to both methods in the demand, they’re now floating around the Internet, which will attract the attention of a lot of resisters. A rogue government account, @alt_fec, decided to troll the commission in the following perfect way:

Other suggestions include:

This last one is especially appropriate given the administration’s casual disregard for certain parts of the Constitution.

The primary concerns are that all of this sensitive information will be used in a nationwide purge of state voter rolls, and that the commission itself is a pretext for widespread voter suppression. Even the not-at-all liberal Brookings Institution says the commission should investigate suppression, not fraud.

So what would you send to the voting commission?

Featured image via Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

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