This Trump Tweet Toilet Paper On Amazon Is Everything We Need Right Now

If Donald Trump has an online nemesis, it has to be Amazon. He’s gone after the online giant again and again in his tweets, especially since the CEO, Jeff Bezos, is also the owner of the Washington Post.

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That publication, in its capacity as an outlet for direct reporting, is perceived by Trump fans as unfriendly to the president, regardless of how undeniably true their reports are. I imagine, in fact, that Trump is likely madder at WaPo than possibly any other journal right now, due to the publication of transcripts of his childish phone calls to the leaders of Mexico and Australia.

But it’s Amazon, not WaPo, that provides a source for the last laugh.

On Friday, shoppers were delighted to find that a trip to the bathroom can now be a real gas, if they stock up on “Donald Trump Classic Tweets Toilet Paper,” a product billed as “Double ply toilet tissue printed throughout with a collection of ten of Donald Trump’s tweets that we deemed were most suitable for flushing.”

The reviews did not disappoint:

There was also a single question for the seller on the product listing page, and the answer proved to be tongue-in-cheek, though I’m uncomfortable using that phrase here:


It looks like the political paper is out of stock for now, but here’s hoping they have some more in time for my parents to visit.

Featured image via Matt Cardy/Getty Images

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