This Object Was Just Placed In Trump Photo; You’ll Never Get It Out Of Your Mind (VIRAL IMAGE)

In a photo that has gone viral in 24 hours on Twitter, at first sight, you’re not really sure what you’re looking at. But once you read the caption, you’ll never be able to unsee what was placed behind Donald Trump.

Jesse McLaren, whose profile says he’s formerly of the Colbert Report, photoshopped an image that he wants everyone to share so it’s accidentally used in a news article.

McClaren said:

“I photoshopped a fle*h-light into the background of this photo please RT so one day it accidentally get’s used in an article.”

Here’s the hilarious image:


That’s right. That’s the supposed *President of the United States is on the phone allegedly hard at work sitting in front a fl**hlight. Which, to be honest, is likely a bit too big considering his hand size. But I digress…

Sorry for putting that image into your heads, but that’s just too damn funny not to share. Hopefully, McLaren gets his wish, and soon.

(*pending investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election)

Featured Photo via Twitter

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