This Is The Penalty Regular Federal Employees Suffer For Lying On Their Security Clearance Form


A bit of a bombshell dropped today when the Justice Department released a heavily redacted page from Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ security clearance form, otherwise known as the SF-86. Despite being practically blank, it does show that Sessions checked off “no” on the question about foreign contacts over the past seven years, even though he most definitely had foreign contacts.

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Lying on the SF-86 is a serious and punishable offense for most federal employees. Any “regular” employee who is found to have lied on that form isn’t just fired, but also faces fines and up to five years in prison. Any candidate who isn’t yet officially hired is disqualified from consideration for any job requiring a security clearance…permanently. Not only is Jeff Sessions still in office, but Congressional Republicans have blocked an effort to at least revoke Jared Kushner’s security clearance, despite the fact that he, too, lied on his SF-86.

Below might sound like it’s somewhat general, but it’s taken directly from page 2 of the instructions on how to fill out the SF-86:

Investigators are generally very, very picky with “regular” hires, too. They’ll grill candidates, and their families and other references if necessary, over the slightest inconsistency or omission. The question that’s caught everyone’s attention doesn’t say, “Except during the course of your previous job,” or, “Except if you’re related to the President and have had too many foreign contacts to keep track of.” The only exceptions listed are border crossings and the Customs officials one might speak to before being granted entrance to a foreign country.

Sessions admitted to meeting with Sergey Kislyak twice in 2016, prior to the election, yet he ticked “no,” on his SF-86. Apparently, the FBI investigator he was working with told him not to disclose that or any other foreign meetings that were connected to his work as a Senator, which makes absolutely no sense.

It would seem that the law only applies if you don’t have close connections to this three-ring circus of corruption that calls itself a presidential administration. Sessions and Kushner should, at minimum, be removed from their posts permanently. More importantly, they should face the stiff penalties listed above for their deceit.

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