This Anti-Trump Billboard Is Here To Chew Bubblegum And Kick A** And It’s All Outta Bubblegum

Maybe you remember the 1988 cinema classic “They Live,” about an alien invasion that’s thwarted by a strangely muscular homeless guy with some magical sunglasses. If the premise sounds ridiculous to you, you never saw it. I, on the other hand, was just at that sweet spot for this film: 12 going on 13, male, sci-fi nerd. I also happened to be a huge fan of one Roderick Toombs, AKA “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, the greatest professional wrestler ever to don a kilt.

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It’s fitting that I write this today, on the two year anniversary of Roddy’s death.

For all of the entertainment Piper ever gave us, it is the legacy of “They Live” that stands the test of time. I’ve always known it, but I never had anything concrete to point at as evidence of this anecdotal wisdom. Now it looks as though I may need to make a pilgrimage to Mexico City, where Chicago artist Mitch O’Connell finally got a billboard company to take him up on his mega-fan (and anti-Donald) homage to the film.

With a Trump presidency, things just keep getting stranger (and the bar was set pretty high for strange to begin with), and the world of ’They Live’ becomes even more prophetic.”

That’s from the GoFundMe campaign O’Connell started back in April to raise funds to get his art on display for the world. It turns out, however, that American billboard owners just refused to put on the sunglasses and see Trump for what he really is: a skull-faced alien bent on world domination. O’Connell fought heroically with more than 30 companies who either never returned his calls or flat-out refused him before he took his art — and his crowdsourced cash — south of the border. He told Reuters via telephone:

America is afraid to put up this tongue-in-cheek billboard. Then Mexico came to mind because Trump started out his campaign by being cruel and mean to everyone in Mexico.”

You can catch it for about a month, hovering over the “Peripheral,” one of the busiest streets in the former Distríto Federál, Mexico City. The Periférico sees many of the five million cars per day that circle the capital city. Thankfully, drivers don’t need special sunglasses to view O’Connell’s masterpiece.

Featured image via GoFundMe

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