The World’s Ultimate Donald Trump Fan Can’t Name Even One Single Promise He’s Kept

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota is often tasked with questioning voter panels on the cable network, and she seems to have developed a favorite question. You see, only people who really want to be on those panels get to be — they have something they want to say. And if there’s anything that Alisyn is not, it’s someone who steps on a voter’s right to say what they want. So the question she uses most frequently is actually only two words. She uses it when a fine, upstanding citizen frames their statement as an assertion:

Such as?”

It’s terribly effective in two ways. First, as an opportunity for a voter to speak their mind. Or maybe to realize that they have no idea what they’re talking about. She used it back at the end of March on a panel of Trump supporters. Turns out they didn’t care if Trump was lying about illegal voters. Camerota went with “why do you think that” in another segment. She drew out thoughts on disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn (who the panel loved at the time). Alisyn even let another panel set themselves up to stumble through a series of stammering explanations as to why they were “not concerned” about the Russia investigation.

But the easiest question of all for anyone who, despite his massive incompetence and constant barrage of lies and misdirection, still calls themselves a Trump supporter, is the exchange between Camerota and Trump super-mega-fan-for-life Gene Huber, who the president invited on stage with him at a post-election rally in Melbourne, Florida in February:

Huber: The promises that he’s made, he’s, he’s doing them.

Camerota: Such as?”

The thing is, watching the clip below, you’re almost excited to see which promises this guy is talking about. I mean, if you watched the clip I linked above of Gene speaking in Florida, you know this guy was born for the stage. Gene loves Trump with all of his heart, and by God, he must have everything good Trump’s ever done memorized and probably tattooed on him somewhere. He is about to lay down a list so long of promises Trump has kept, it’ll make your head spin. He has a custom-made Trump shirt on, for crying out loud!

Well, you just think about, let’s think about, as in, um, with ah, ahh, you know?”


Watch it here:

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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