The World Mocks Trump After He Vows To Put ‘Our Minors Back to Work’ (TWEETS)

Child labor laws have existed for quite some time, preventing kids from being abused by corporate America. On Friday, Donald Trump promised to MAGA by putting children back to work in a video posted to Facebook.

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Oh, what’s that? He meant people who work in mines and his staff, like him, spells at a kindergarten level? Well, that’s a relief…sort of.

One of the ways in which The Donald won over desperate coal miners and others who traditionally are fooled by right-wing promises to bring back mining jobs (which have been dwindling since before Obama was even President), is by repeatedly telling them he was the answer to their problems. But even Republican devotee and generally terrible person, Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray, says that coal jobs aren’t coming back.

“I suggested that he temper his expectations. Those are my exact words,” Murray said. “He can’t bring them back.”

“I would not say it’s a good time in the coal industry. It’s a better time,” Murray says. “Politically it’s much better. Barack Obama and his Democrat supporters were the greatest destroyers the United States of America has ever seen in its history. He destroyed reliable electric power in America, he destroyed low-cost electric power in America, and he attempted to totally destroy the United States coal industry.”

“I don’t think the Trump presidency will have a material impact on bringing coal miners back to work,” Ted O’Brien, a coal analyst at energy industry research firm Doyle Trading Consultants, told The New York Times just after Trump was elected by a minority of the population and an electoral system set up to protect slave owners’ right to own people. “He may eliminate the regulatory overhang… but I have a hard time seeing a surge in coal demand.”

This is bad news for all those kids Trump wants to put back to work in the mines.

As expected, the world once again joined together to laugh at The Donald’s more nonsensical than normal promise:

While it’s fun to joke about this, Republicans actually do support putting “minors” back to work — especially if they want to eat at school.

“I think it would be a good idea if perhaps we had the kids work for their lunches: trash to be taken out, hallways to be swept, lawns to be mowed, make them earn it,” West Virginia Delegate Ray Canterbury (R-Greenbrier) said during floor debate on a bill that would provide free breakfast and lunch for every student in the state. “If they miss a lunch or they miss a meal they might not, in that class that afternoon, learn to add, they may not learn to diagram a sentence, but they’ll learn a more important lesson.”

We’d better hope this was actually a typo.

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