The World Laughs As Trump Tweets Attack On CBO’s Accuracy, Misspells ‘Inaccurately’ (SCREENSHOTS)

Werds our hard. On Wednesday, Presidint* Donald Trump decided to attack his own Congrassional Buget Ofice’s report on the GOP healthcayre bill with the false claym that there numbers ar wrong.

Though Trump says the White House is “functioning perfectly,” apparently he has signed an executive order banning staffers from using spell check — even if they are making propaganda videos attacking the CBO’s assessment of the GOP health bill.

“CBO inaccurately estimated 25 million would be covered under Obamacare this year,” the video says. “Today, just 10.3 million are covered in Obamacare exchanges. Off by over 14 million.”

“It does not matter who does the math,” the video adds. “Faulty numbers = faulty results.”

The video, which has been deleted and replaced with a corrected one, contains multiple spellings of “inaccurate.”

Naturally, Americans are enjoying this almost as much as they are the fact that Articles of Impeachment have been introduced:

Trump’s propaganda video does correctly point out that the CBO overestimated the numbers, notes that  “actually nailed the overall impact of the law on the uninsured pretty closely.”

How can we trust a White House that can’t be trusted to pay attention to red squiggly lines yet purports to know what’s best for Americans? We simply can’t — especially because of that whole “treason” thing.

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