The U.S. Government Just Accidentally Proved That Trump’s Border Wall Will Not Stop Sh*t (VIDEO)

While Trump keeps clamoring for Congress to fund his border wall, apparently we’ve already been spending money on it – roughly $160 million so far for prototypes being constructed near San Diego. U.S. Customs and Border Protection is overseeing this part of the process, and they’ve released drone footage to show the wall’s progress.

There’s just one teensy, tiny, itty, bitty, little problem. The fact that they fly a drone over and above and all around the prototypes is essentially proof that the wall will not stop drugs from coming in over the southern border, like Trump claims. It won’t even make a dent. It’s not hard to fly small bales of drugs with a small drone, and the cartels are not stupid. Make no mistake, this is a weakness they will exploit very quickly.

Watch below:

Carlos Diaz, the Southwest Branch Chief for CBP’s Office of Public Affairs, told Gizmodo’s Matt Novak the following:

“Matt, don’t forget that there are also agents, sensors, cameras and other technologies monitoring the Border Enforcement Zone. The combination of those elements allow for the effective and efficient protection of the wall.”

Well, yes, but we can do that with a much cheaper fence and that’s what we’ve been doing in many places anyway. Texas families along the Rio Grande, who are in danger of losing land to the wall, actually prefer things like more surveillance:

“Even if they build a wall, people will still come. What’s helped us tremendously and is less expensive is the technology — the aerostat balloons, the ground sensors and even boots on the ground.”

But yeah, we’re going to waste billions on a wall that’s going to require boots on the ground and more technological surveillance anyway. Thanks, Trump.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images

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