The Supreme Court Just Dealt A Crushing Blow To Republicans

The U.S. Supreme Court just dealt a crushing blow to Republicans trying to stop the redrawing of new congressional districts in Pennsylvania ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

The state’s Supreme Court had previously ruled that Republicans in the state legislature drew an illegal map meant to take away votes from Democrats, otherwise known as gerrymandering. They ordered that a new map be redrawn.


Republicans in the state then appealed to the higher court in order to stop it, but the U.S. Supreme Court refused to take up the case, letting the previous ruling stand.

This was the second straight emergency application that the courts have rejected from Republican lawmakers.

Here’s how it will affect the Congress:

Pennsylvania has 18 congressional seats. Republicans used the illegal map to consistently win 13 of those seats. Under the new map, Democrats stand a much better chance of winning elections, since it doesn’t rig the system.

The order is already causing panic for the GOP in Pennsylvania.  The new rule will take effect in the upcoming elections. Rep. Ryan Costello is already considering retirement since a lot of his district will become more Democratic under the new rules.

Here’s a video explaining gerrymandering and how it affects elections.


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