The Moment Everyone’s Been Waiting For, The Trump-Merkel Handshake Actually Happened (IMAGE)

Back in March, Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel had a very awkward and tense meeting which seemed to reveal a strained relationship between the two leaders.

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The meeting was filled with bad jokes from Trump where Merkel didn’t even choose to crack a smile. Then there was the terrible handshake moment heard around the world. Even at the request of the media for photos of a handshake, Donald Trump apparently refused to look at the Chancellor and even dismissed the handshake. View moment here.

But on Thursday, upon Trump’s arrival in Germany for the G20 Summit, Merkel greeting him with more positive vibes. According to CNN, The two met at the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg, where they shared a handshake and brief conversation before the two world leaders left reporters.

In the photo, Merkel was sure to put her hand out so Trump knew what the deal was and he definitely got it.

The two chatted before disappearing to the back. Not sure if Merkel was just putting on for the camera’s here, but she definitely wasn’t going to let Trump disrespect her this time. She took control and let him Trump know he ain’t in America no more.

Merkel has always had a side eye for Merkel for years. Especially since he tried to disrespect her for her immigration policies. Saying back in October 2015,

“What’s happening in Germany, I always thought Merkel was like this great leader. What she’s done in Germany is insane. It is insane.”

Well, Merkel was tired of Trump insulting her power. So, she made sure on this visit who’s established who was in control and let him Trump know he ain’t in America no more.

Featured Image via Getty Images and CNN



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