The Moment Everyone’s Been Waiting For Just Happened; Trump Meets Face To Face With Putin (DETAILS)

Ever since Donald Trump has been elected it’s like he brought Russian President Vladimir Putin on to be his Vice President, because we hear about him way more than we hear about the actual Vice President Mike Pence.

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Trump’s relationship with the Russian President has been one highly criticized and televised mess. If you didn’t already know about it (which you probably do) Trump is accused of colluding with Russia during the 2016 elections which led to the crazy scandal that is the Russia investigation.

Now that the back story is out of the way, the big news here is that Friday, Trump and Putin FINALLY met face to face! This is a moment everyone has been anticipating especially since Trump has denied any relationship with Russia.

The Daily Mail reported that the G20 backstage meeting with two men was very interesting and compared the Putin’s demeanor with Trump to how he greeting the other world leaders. The ‘partners in crime’ shared a private joke and shared a cute little handshake but When Putin greets UK Prime Minister Theresa May, for instance, the handshake is formal, curt and respectful – with the leaders bowing to each other slightly. 


Contrary to Trump’s claims, it seems like these two are mighty close. And this isn’t the first time the puppet had met his maker. Before the meeting, Trump tweeted out that he was looking forward to the meet,

Would love to be a fly on the wall in this meeting that’s probably discussing cover-ups, lies and other crooked things. Let’s see what happens next. Hopefully, there’s something that could get us closer to a Trump impeachment. Just sayin.

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