The GOP Just Had Their Number One Reason For Opposing The Iran Deal Crushed…By IRAN!

When the Republicans figured out that President Obama was going to do some good for the entire world by leading the charge to kill Iran’s nuclear program, they began an immediate crusade to crush it. The propaganda campaign they put together included some bullet points that are so ludicrous they barely deserve a mention.

Some of their more serious allegations were that the President was going to write the Iranians a check for $150 billion whether Congress approved the deal or not. The truth is that the Iranians may recover up to $150 billion of their own money that has been frozen by the international community, most of which they could still get back if the rest of the world continued with the deal after the GOP pulled the US out.

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They also alleged that Iran would be closer to a bomb than ever before, because they would have up to 24 days to hide a secret program from inspectors if they were suspected of breaking the deal. In reality, you can’t hide the remnants of a nuclear program in 24 months, let alone days because of this little thing called “radiation.”

Their number one complaint, however, was that the president, in negotiating a deal with a coalition of other countries, neglected to secure the return of four people — one American journalist and three others, all of whom hold dual Iranian-American citizenship.

In a deal that must have come as a complete shock to Republicans, those four prisoners have been released. Securing their freedom had nothing to do with the nuclear deal, other than Iran may have wanted to secure some good will with the American right-wing, knowing they were the only thing standing in the way of the crushing sanctions against the Iranian economy being lifted.

There is some speculation that the deal is part of a prisoner swap, which means the Republicans will still argue that President Obama should have secured their release before making a deal on the nuclear issue. The administration has stated that the nuclear negotiations were multilateral and needed to be free from any individual country’s needs, which didn’t pass muster with the GOP, who believe all should bow to their will on demand.

The Republicans can now sit, with egg on their face, trying to come up with a reason why the release of a Washington Post reporter is a bad thing. Surely they’ll find something.

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