The Force Is Strong With Luke: Jedi Strikes Down Darth Trump In One Brutal Tweet

Saturday morning, before the rest of the children had even finished their cartoons, Little Donnie Trump was trying on his Twitter cape again. It’s clear at this point that Trump fancies himself some sort of supervillain, and possibly the ruler of the galaxy — like a certain helmeted cosmic menace we’ve seen before. Fortunately, for every villain, there’s a hero to take them down. And Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker from the original Star Wars trilogy, keeps his Twitter saber handy for just such a showdown.

Trump must have bionic thumbs like his cinematic counterpart, because his phone has barely gotten a break during three days of blasting away at Planet Brzezinski and its orbiting moon Joe. By Saturday, Lord Trump’s evil tweets had reached even the deepest recesses of our star system, as he continued to deflect attention from the Republic’s investigation into interference from the nearby Russian Empire.

Have I lost everyone but the über space-nerds with the puns yet? Okay, I think I’m done. Maybe a couple more, but that’s it, I promise.

Anyway, Saturday afternoon, Hamill took notice of Trump’s latest tweet:

The movie hero shot back with a tweet (and some puns) of his own:

Talk about a direct hit in the exhaust port! Twitter lit up with messages from the Light side:

Like me, though, users were not hopeful that Mark could get Trump to search his feelings. It’s fitting that Luke would try and bring Darth Trump back to the Light side of the Force, but everyone’s pretty sure he can’t be saved…

Don’t spend too long tugging on that helmet, Master Jedi. It’s part of him now.

Featured image via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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