The Dealmaker-In-Chief Can’t Close The Deal On Healthcare, So He Cries On Twitter About It. SAD!

Monday night, after finding out that his precious healthcare initiative was absolutely DOA with the news that two more Republican Senators were planning to vote against Mitch McConnell’s awful bill, Donald Trump went back to his safe space: Twitter. Desperate for a win of some kind, Trump’s latest tactic is to just beg Republicans to repeal Obamacare in its entirety without anything to replace it with. That’s just what he asked, again, on Twitter:

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All eyes have been on Senator John McCain as he recovered from a dangerous and delicate surgery. McConnell had temporarily shelved the vote until McCain was fully recovered, since the Arizona senator was going to be the deciding vote. As of Monday evening, that was rendered a moot point. Senators Mike Lee and Jerry Moran, of Utah and Kansas respectively, issued separate statements declaring their opposition to the bill. They joined senators Rand Paul and Susan Collins (of Kentucky and Maine), though for different reasons. Collins feels the bill goes too far, Paul that it doesn’t go far enough, and Lee and Moran each cited a bit of both, ironically.

With only 52 seats in the upper chamber, the GOP could afford to lose only three total votes on the bill in order to pass it, with Vice President Pence casting a tie-breaking vote if necessary. A fourth Republican against the bill effectively kills the bill. Every Democrat and Independent in the Senate was expected to oppose it. In years past, you might have seen the body take a scheduled vote anyway, to see if they could pass it. You’ll never see Mitch McConnell take that kind of risk, however — if he doesn’t know in advance that the bill will pass, he simply won’t hold the vote.

All the ridiculous whining in the world won’t help Donald Trump overcome Mitch’s pride.

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