Texas Rep Just Trolled Jeff Sessions HARD At House Committee Hearing; This Is Hilarious (VIDEO)

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee of Texas has been no friend of the Trump administration. The only things she’s agreed with him on have been authorizations for relief from natural disasters, which is no surprise — she represents most of Houston in Congress. But it’s her membership on the House Judiciary Committee that really presents a thorn in the side of Team Trump.

Nothing has been more problematic for Trump and his entire Cabinet than the ongoing investigation into the campaign’s collusion with Russia to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. In fact, for one member of both the campaign AND the administration, it’s been a literal nightmare, and it only got worse today.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, at this point, has to be absolutely kicking himself for ever giving up his comfortable seat in the Senate to come work for Donald Trump.

Not only is that seat now in jeopardy, but Sessions was forced to render himself completely ineffective in helping Trump fight off suggestions of impropriety during the campaign by recusing himself from “everything related to the investigation into Russian meddling.” But that doesn’t stop the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees of both chambers of Congress from being able to question poor Jeff Sessions.

To his credit, he’s a pretty practiced liar and he has a LOT of Republican friends in both the House and the Senate after so many years of service in the Senate himself. So he has perjured himself pretty readily in front of those investigative bodies without worrying a lot about it.

Even in the hearing held today in front of the House Judiciary, where Rep Jackson-Lee sat in attendance, the Attorney General seemed comfortable as he said “Ah Dew Not Reh-Cu-LECT” to nearly everything that questioners posed. That is, until it was her turn to ask him about both his previous statements, and about new information that’s come to light since the last time Sessions sat for a Committee hearing.

So in honor of the Trump administration’s claim that George Papadopoulos, the member of the campaign’s National Security team (headed by Sessions) who cut a deal with Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel, was nothing more than a “coffee boy,” Rep Jackson-Lee brought along a visual aid to serve as a reminder:

As she spoke, she had a staffer hold aloft a blown-up version of that photo, and reminded AG Sessions of the March 31, 2016 meeting of Trump’s National Security team, headed by himself and Donald Trump. You can recognize Jeff at the bottom left of the photo and of course Trump at the other end of the table — obviously the two men are leading the meeting. But just two seats to Sessions’ left in that same photo is the “coffee boy” that the campaign is so desperate to downplay.

Sessions visibly rolled his eyes when he saw the giant placard turn around behind Rep Jackson-Lee, as she said,

You well know that Mr. Papadopoulos, in addition to his comments in the meeting … had a series of meetings with — and as you can see, Trump, Mr. Papadopoulos, and you leading that committee — I cannot imagine your memory would fail you so much.”

Man, it’s hard to keep up a lie when there’s a giant picture of what you’re lying about staring you in the face.

Well done, Representative! Keep it coming.

Watch the exchange here — The sign comes out at about the 2-minute mark:

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images

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