Tens And Tens Of ‘Not-Racists’ Show Up To Multiple EMBARRASSING Pro-Trump Rallies

Trump’s tortured little snowflake white supremacist followers held dueling rallies to protest jokes about violence against Donald Trump — yes, really — and turnout was not at all what they expected.

Between the two rallies, only about 100 people showed up to whine about Kathy Griffin’s poorly-conceived art project and a Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar portraying The Donald as less than alive.

Sure, these are the same people who figuratively and possibly literally masturbated to the idea of Barack Obama dying in a number of horrific ways, but now that Trump is President, they suddenly have a problem with the idea of the President being killed.

“We’re not going to be replaced,” a speaker said at one of the “free speech” rallies. “This was our country, the founding fathers objectively founded this country for white people.”

The rallies were originally supposed to be a single rally, but there was a split between the racist groups when popular white supremacist Richard Spencer got involved.

Since he made the intent too obvious, some split off to hold a “Rally Against Political Violence,” which featured “Pizzagate” conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich as well as other popular “not-racists.”

The idea for the rally(ies)  began when white supremacist Jach Posobiec and “alt-right” activist Laura Loomer took issue with the plot of Julius Caesar and interrupted a production to nonsensically compare the cast to Nazis and Joseph Goebbels for performing the play exactly as it has been performed for…forever.

“Alt-Right” (that means Nazi) publication Return of Kings has a rundown (from their point of view) of what happened:

Self-appointed alt-right leader Richard Spencer, aghast that someone was getting more attention than him, quickly joined with the fake news media in condemning Loomer and Posobiec. Not long after, Loomer, who is Jewish (despite her shiksa-sexy looks), immediately revealed herself as an entryist, referring to the alt right as “neo-Nazis” and demanding that others “condemn” anti-Semitism.

It also came out that she and Posobiec had registered “FreeLaura.com” several hours before launching their stunt.

The battle of witlessness escalated when Gateway Pundit White House correspondent Lucian Wintrich—best known for the homoerotic “Twinks for Trump” photoshoot he did at the Republican National Convention last year—began asserting that Richard Spencer was a homosexual based on trollish comments from YouTube personality James Allsup.

This was further compounded by the release of the “Third Jimpact” podcast, which alleged that homosexuals were using alt right site The Right Stuff’s pool parties (real life meetups) to groom teenage boys for anal sex, with former TRS admin Ghoul named as a culprit.

Further fanning the flames is the fact that for the past month, Spencer’s AltRight.com colleague Daniel Friberg has been at war with Greg Johnson, head of the rival alt-right site Counter-Currents Publishing. Johnson, best known for his assertion that “intolerance of homosexuality is Jewish” (as well as falsely accusing ROK publisher Roosh V of being a rapist), has been deemed a little too implicit for the fashy goys of the alt-right and been summarily drummed out.

The final straw came when Posobiec and Loomer both withdrew from the Freedom of Speech Rally that was to be held on June 25 at the Lincoln Memorial, because Richard Spencer would also be appearing there and they didn’t want any of his “racist” cooties. Instead, they set up their own rally, the Rally Against Political Violence, to be held at the same time a few blocks away.

Two things are clear: the bulk of Donald Trump’s support comes from the “alt-Right” and that support is dwindling.

If you aren’t embarrassed watching the antics of Trump supporters, then there is something wrong with you.

Featured image via WTOP

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