‘Temptress’: Lawyer Blames 13-Year-Old Rape Victim Because She Wears Makeup

A defense attorney in Missoula County, Montana stood in court to blame a 13-year-old rape victim for her perpetrator’s actions, a man who pleaded guilty to the charge. You know who is to blame for a rape? The rapist, that’s who – and no one else. But not to attorney Lisa Kauffman. To Ms. Kaufmann, the child who was violated was guilty because she’s a “temptress” and wears make-up.

“She looks and acts like she’s 18 years old,” Kauffman told Missoula County District Court Judge Robert “Dusty” Deschamps, according to the Missoulian. “You should see the pictures of her and the hair and the makeup.”

Justin Griffith, 26, worked at the teenage addiction recovery center in Missoula where the girl was a patient and a victim.

Griffith has been a very busy man.

Griffith pleaded guilty to felony sexual assault earlier this year for having sex with a 13-year-old who was a patient at a teenage addiction recovery center where Griffith was an employee. A second girl at the facility also alleged that Griffith had raped her, although those charges were dropped as part of Griffith’s guilty plea.

Deputy county attorney Brian Lowney attempted to interrupt Kauffman’s statements on Monday to no avail.

“I just find this whole conversation offensive,” he said.

Then Kaufmann appeared to blame all women, or possibly just feminists who think rape is a really bad thing (rape is a really bad thing).

Kauffman took it upon herself to tell the judge that she is “not allowed to talk like that anymore,” about underage victims of sexual assault without having “every women’s group in the country” come after her.

Kauffman went on to claim that there was a wild atmosphere at the treatment center in which teenage girls “acted out sexually” and said that Griffith did not receive training on how to handle those situations.

Lowney called that a “ridiculous assertion” and said, “it is hardly a training issue not to have sex with a 13-year-old resident.”

“He’s been around the block and he knows the score,” the judge said.

“So was she,” Kauffman shot back.

During a court recess, Kauffman asked Lowney, “How about victims as temptresses, what do you think about that?”

The victim’s mother told Kauffman not to speak about her child that way.

“I was just making a little slam,” Kauffman told the mother.

“About my daughter,” the woman said.

“No, no, no,” Kauffman said, before she apologized.

Griffith got 20 years with the Department of Corrections, with 16 of those years suspended. The judge also recommended that Griffith be required to complete sexual offender treatment while he’s in custody, and that he continue such treatment during the suspended portion of his sentence. On top of that, Griffith must also register as a sex offender for his crimes.

And then Donald Trump busted into the courtroom in Griffith’s defense to call it “locker room talk.” 

Image: Mugshot via the Missoulian.

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