Ted Cruz Tries To Recover From His ‘Adult’ Slip-Up And Twitter Isn’t Having It (TWEETS)


Ted Cruz was caught red-handed liking a tweet from a known and obvious “sexy-time” Twitter account, and he’s having to suffer ongoing consequences for that. His spokesperson said that the offending tweet “posted on @tedcruz account earlier” had been removed by a staff member, and also reported to Twitter. Since his account merely liked the tweet, that’s a little odd. But whatever, it’s time to move on.



Cruz tried to get back to business with the following thread on Twitter today:

But sadly for him, Twitter never lets hypocrites move on, especially those who can’t admit that they screwed up somewhere. They aren’t calling him out for his absurd, give-every-break-to-the-rich-and-maybe-it’ll-help-the-rest-of-America tax plan; they’re hounding him about the adult tweet he liked. And it’s hilarious:

To be sure, there are a fair number of tweets about the tax plan, including many who call it what it is (unfair). However, it’ll be awhile before Cruz lives down that sexy-time like. Here’s hoping that his religious base is so disgusted they get rid of him next year.

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