Stunning Poll Shows The First Word Americans Think Of When They Hear ‘Trump’ (DETAILS)

When the majority of Americans hear the name “Donald Trump,” it isn’t uncommon for them to admit that they feel absolutely sick to their stomachs and ashamed of their country for electing an absolute moron to run the nation.

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Most Americans are in agreement that Trump is an absolute disgrace to the presidency – and a new Quinnipiac poll proves that many of us are on the same page when it comes to the moron in the White House. For the poll, Quinnipiac posed this open-ended question to Americans and let them run with it:

“What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?”

The results were rather telling. The most common response amongst all Americans was the word “idiot.” The second most common response was “incompetent.” “Liar” was the third.

Other common responses were “unqualified,” “racist,” “asshole,”  “dishonest,” “disaster,” “inexperienced,” “ignorant,” and “stupid.” Based on the behavior and comments we’ve seen coming from Trump during his first six months in the White House, there’s barely anything to dispute that those words perfectly describe him. Most of these words – like Trump’s racism or lack of experience and qualifications – are simply facts. Others describe the utter nonsense that Trump has subjected the country to since day one of his failing presidency.

Here’s the full list:This poll couldn’t make it any more clear that although there are some misguided people who think favorably of Trump, most of the country is disgusted and embarrassed by him. We hardly think of Trump with the same fondness and respect that we awarded to former President Barack Obama and other former presidents. Trump has a historically low approval rating, and the words that America has chosen to describe him only reinforces it.

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