Stormy Daniels Just Made A $130,000 Move That Will Send Trump Over The Edge (DETAILS)

Donald Trump is really going to wish he had never had an affair with Stormy Daniels, because she and her lawyer have been making his life a living hell.

As if her tell-all interviews and threats from her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, weren’t enough to completely derail Trump and make him go into hiding for days on end, the adult film star has found yet another way to piss Trump off.

Daniels has just announced her plan for the $130,000 she made from Trump and his corrupt lawyer, Michael Cohen, in a nondisclosure agreement in exchange for her silence on the affair with Trump in 2006. In a move that will make Republicans regret ever having put Trump in the White House, Daniels stated that she has every intention of donating 100% of the NDA money to Planned Parenthood.

Daniels made this statement in an interview with Penthouse Magazine and stated that if she won in court against Trump over the NDA, she would donate to Planned Parenthood – using Trump and Cohen’s names! The interview, titled, “Getting Intimate With The Most Wanted Woman In America,” also contains several NSFW details that could not be included from Daniels’ ’60 Minutes’ interview. That interview is set to be released in early May, and it’s going to be yet another devastating blow to Trump, who is losing on pretty much all fronts now.

Daniels and Avenatti have been a nightmare for Trump. Daniels has been working tirelessly to bring Trump down, and her decision to donate to Planned Parenthood is a brilliant way to increase tension and in-fighting within the GOP. It will be yet another way that Trump’s horrendous behavior backfires and damages that party’s agenda – further proving why Trump never should have been elected in the first place. Trump is costing Republicans big time – and this was a $130,000 mistake to an enemy organization.

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