Steve Bannon Had Portait Made Of Himself As Napoleon; Internet Can’t Get Enough (IMAGES)

In an article about why Donald Trump always doubles down on his inaccurate statements and actions, there was a brilliant little nugget of information hidden that really should have been the headline.

New York Magazine wrote of Steve Bannon and why he’s with Trump:

“Bannon became a vital figure in Trump’s orbit during the early days of his political rise. The two met late in 2010, when David Bossie, the veteran conservative activist, brought Bannon along on a trip to Trump Tower to offer advice about how Trump might prepare for a presidential run. Like Trump, Bannon was a businessman and born deal-maker. With experience on Wall Street and in Hollywood, he was nothing if not high energy, a mile-a-minute talker with a volcanic temper who rarely slept and possessed a media metabolism to rival Trump’s own.”

Followed with this amazingness:

“And Bannon, too, had a healthy self-regard. On his office wall hung an oil painting of Bannon dressed as Napoleon in his study at the Tuileries, done in the style of Jacques-Louis David’s famous neoclassical painting — a gift from Nigel Farage.”


Bannon’s ego, much like Trump’s, is so large that he has an oil painting of himself dressed as Napoleon?! Better yet, it was a gift from Nigel Farage — another known egomaniacal narcissist.

These men should all get together in a steam room and admire themselves and leave the rest of us out of it. Holy crap.

And because this news is just way too funny not to make fun of, here’s some of the fun the internet had with the news of the painting:

However, with all that said and done, nothing can be quite as amazing as Ben Carson with Jesus:

Featured Photo by Getty Images

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