Stephen Colbert’s Ultra Gay Fourth Of July Song And Dance Is The Best Thing Ever (VIDEO)

This year, Independence Day is feeling quite grim for many of us. We have an orange nightmare in the White House who is most likely treasonous, a bigoted theocrat by his side, and a Republican Congress determined to allow this crazy administration to turn America into a banana republic. To that end, we could all use a bit of cheering up this year. Well, never fear – Late Show host Stephen Colbert is here to save the day.

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Colbert put together a magnificent song and dance, complete with cowboys and cowgirls in short cut off denim shorts, cowboy hats, and tied up shirts. He then proceeded to sing about diversity, marriage equality, and everything right-wing bigots hate about the rapidly changing cultural landscape of this great nation. Entitled “My Kind of America,” this song is just what we need right now in this deeply divided nation.

Colbert partnered with Jack Black to sing the vocals on the song, and it is nothing short of brilliant. It’s hilarious, of course, but Colbert is a comedian, so of course, it was. However, the deeper meaning is what is important here. When we have religious bigots running the government, determined to stomp out all the people and things they don’t like via the law, it is important to remember what America is all about. While Donald Trump and his horrific administration force Americans to turn our back on immigrants and Lady Liberty weeps, we must remember that we are a nation of immigrants. While Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions work to oppress racial and religious minorities, LGBTQ people, and women, we must remember that we value diversity and inclusion as a people. In short – Colbert’s song is what America is really about, no matter what this sorry excuse for a government might be peddling as of right. We as a nation are, and always will be, stronger than their bigotry.

Happy Independence Day!

Watch the video below, via Twitter:

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