SNL Just Crucified Sean Spicer In The Skit We’ve All Been Waiting For (VIDEO)

We all knew this was coming. Sean Spicer lost his marbles this week and ended up hiding in the bushes as part of his pitiful failed attempt at avoiding the press, which can only be described as humiliating, to say the least. Not that I blame him. Anybody would lose their mind if they had to try to justify Donald Trump’s actions to the world day after day. I don’t feel sorry for him. He knew what he was getting into when he took the job. But it is easy to see why he finally flipped his lid.

With Melissa McCarthy hosting Saturday Night Live, we have been waiting all week to see her skewer the White House press secretary. I mean, come on. The man was hiding in the damn bushes for f*ck’s sake. So you just knew SNL was going to nail him to the wall. And boy did they deliver.

As usual, McCarthy’s Spicer was spot on. Not to mention that the material Spicer and Trump had handed SNL’s writers was just pure comedy gold from start to finish.

Knowing that Spicer’s career is going down in flames, Trump and McCarthy bid one another farewell at the end of the skit with a ‘touching’ moment that will surely send Mike Pence, our homophobic vice-president, into absolute hysterics.

You can watch the Sean Spicer skit you waited all week for here:

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