Shady Trump Just Deleted The EPA’s Website; Chicago Mayor Has The BEST Response

For decades now, both the Republican and Democratic parties accepted and provided climate change data through the EPA. Of course, Donald Trump has to make himself stand out somehow. The so-called president  has attempted to erase every ounce of evidence provided by scientists in regards to climate change.

Chicago’s mayor Rahm Emanuel, who happen to serve as Obama’s first chief of staff back in 2011, responded to the Trump administration’s cowardly move by putting up his own website. 

According to Politco, the new section of the City of Chicago’s website, launched this weekend, pulls actual data from the archived Environmental Protection Agency page, noting:

“While this information may not be readily available on the agency’s webpage right now, here in Chicago we know climate change is real and we will continue to take action to fight it.”

The Chicago mayor is promising to build the site out more in the coming weeks, using city resources. The best part? He is going against the Trump administration. Emanuel stated:

“The Trump administration can attempt to erase decades of work from scientists and federal employees on the reality of climate change, but burying your head in the sand doesn’t erase the problem.”

Evidently, Emanuel has more common sense than the entire Trump cabinet combined. He reminds America that we cannot let the government dictate what happens to our planet–it’s up to us to fight back.


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