Seth Meyers Just SHREDDED Trump For Defending His ‘Very Fine’ Nazis And It Was Glorious (VIDEO)

After the heinous events that transpired in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend where hundreds of tiki torch wielding Nazis marched on the UVA campus, resulting in the brutal murder of Heather Heyer, our so-called “president” was slow to condemn the group.

When he DID finally speak about the matter, in what will go down in history as the day he FINALLY admitted who he really is, he didn’t condemn them at all – in fact, he DEFENDED them, calling them “very fine” people. He also used the word “innocent protesters” at one point saying that they had every right to be there, because they had a “permit” unlike the actual peaceful people (he actually had the audacity to call them the “alt-left”) who were standing up to defend the rights of their fellow human beings, no matter their race or religion.

It’s been hard for most of us with a brain and beating heart to wrap our heads around the fact that this embarrassment of a “president” would be so callous and apathetic about such an obviously horrendous crime against humanity, but this week on Late Night, Seth Meyers has done a brilliant job of breaking it down.

On Tuesday night’s episode of Late Night, Seth introduced a segment he called “Breaking Crazy” where he replayed the absolutely “CLINICALLY INSANE” press conference that left the world reeling. You can watch his brief take on that here:

Because the taping of Tuesday’s show happened literally right after the Nazi-in-chief’s presser, Meyers didn’t have a lot of time to get into it like he probably wanted to, so he took the time on Wednesday night to really let it all out, at one point stating:

There are no ‘fine people’ marching with Nazis and white supremacists! No one gets caught up in a white supremacist rally! It just doesn’t happen!”

Seth is so right! Watch the video here. You won’t be disappointed:

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