Senior Intelligence Source: Donald Trump ‘Will Die In Jail’ With What We Know

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 16:  U.S. President Donald Trump enters a news conference announcing Alexander Acosta as the new Labor Secretary nominee in the East Room at the White House on February 16, 2017 in Washington, DC. The announcement comes a day after Andrew Puzder withdrew his nomination.  (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Donald Trump’s administration is in a state of complete and total free-fall. It appears that his attacks on the intelligence community and the media have awakened a beast that will not be silenced, with leaks coming from every conceivable corner of the White House, FBI, and CIA.

And now a senior intelligence source is telling John Schindler—who, by the way, is a columnist for the Observer, which is published by Jared Kushner—that the intelligence community is prepared to fire on all cylinders to take down Trump:


The intelligence community’s concerns are ostensibly twofold. First, there is the fact that Trump is making it nearly impossible for them to do their jobs, as detailed by John Schindler:

Our Intelligence Community is so worried by the unprecedented problems of the Trump administration—not only do senior officials possess troubling ties to the Kremlin, there are nagging questions about basic competence regarding Team Trump—that it is beginning to withhold intelligence from a White House which our spies do not trust.

Second, there is the simple fact that these career public servants don’t appreciate being called incompetent traitors—and they have it within their power to show just who the incompetent traitor really is.

The New York Times story on the Trump campaign’s frequent and constant contacts with Russian intelligence operatives appears to be a significant ramping up of exactly that kind of effort:

Phone records and intercepted calls show that members of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election, according to four current and former American officials.

American law enforcement and intelligence agencies intercepted the communications around the same time they were discovering evidence that Russia was trying to disrupt the presidential election by hacking into the Democratic National Committee, three of the officials said. The intelligence agencies then sought to learn whether the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians on the hacking or other efforts to influence the election.

Naturally, Trump and his sycophants in the House and Senate GOP are focused on the leaks, not the substance of the leaks. This might be understandable if only Trump himself hadn’t encouraged and celebrated the work of Wikileaks in their attempts to tear down Hillary Clinton and hand the election to Trump on behalf of Vladimir Putin. Now he faces karmic retribution on a scale that he probably can’t even begin to imagine, with the entirety of the United States of America’s intelligence agencies laser focused on bringing down the enemy within.

Life comes at you fast, huh Donald?

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