Sen. Sanders Shows What Immediate Repeal Would Do – And What REAL Healthcare Looks Like (VIDEO)

On Sunday, Senator Bernie Sanders appeared on CNN’s State Of The Union. Amid all the debate over Trumpcare, the universally-despised “replacement” for Obamacare that Republicans are determined to erase from the history books, Sanders said he’s about to introduce his own healthcare bill.

It looks a lot like Rep John Conyers’ perennial “Medicare For All” bill in the House, which has the support of a majority of Democrats. Sanders indicated:

We are going to introduce it literally as soon as we’re through with this debate. I don’t want to confuse the two issues.”

When host Jake Tapper asked Bernie if he would work with Republicans if they went ahead with Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse’s proposal to repeal “with a delay,” Sanders came back with a blunt answer and a damning statistic:

No. The answer is that I have a lot of respect for Sen. Sasse, but that idea is an absurd idea. As you pointed out, the Congressional Budget Office indicated that if you simply repeal the Affordable Care Act, you will throw 32 million Americans off of health insurance, ten percent of the population of the United States…[That’s] ten percent of the population of the United States…If you throw, Jake, 32 million people off of health insurance, what doctors who have studied this issue say is that tens of thousands of people, every single year, will die.”

It’s not like Bernie hasn’t been doing the math on this for years. We’ve been seeing variations on the theme of single-payer healthcare for nearly two decades. And the advantages would be manifold. Memes touting the reasons America should transition to a not-for-profit healthcare system pass through your newsfeed every single day:

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Obviously Sanders would face a hostile Republican Congress. But at least America will have a clearer picture of the difference between what the Right wants and what the Left wants when it comes to keeping Americans insured and healthy.

Watch the full interview here:

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