Secretary Of State Comes To Blows With Trump Administration; All Hell Breaking Loose

In the midst of Trump’s scandals and constant bickering with the media, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been under the radar until recently, when he  had a tense meeting with a White House aide after blowing up at different Trump administration official.

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As reported by Politico, Tillerson clashed with senior White House aide Stephen Miller last week over immigration issues, a topic Miller has been heading for the White House. During the exchange, Miller was pushing Tillerson to enact tougher policies on immigration and change State Department policies on the issue, but Tillerson made it “quite clear” that he wanted power over his own department.

This is not the first time Tillerson blew up Trump’s administration members. Tillerson also blew up at White House aide Johnny DeStefano last month over delays to appointments at the State Department and reports that Trump administration members were leaking negative information about the secretary of State to the media.

Trump’s White House is on the verge of destruction as Tillerson has grown increasingly frustrated with taking direction from younger Trump aides and not being able to implement State Department policies and offices–which is practically what he signed up to do when he took this position. It’s clear that Trump is agitating most of his administration with his ridiculous behavior and random outbursts. Soon, his swamp will drop like flies and Trump will be left with just Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer as his advocates–which in Trump’s case– isn’t a good thing.






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