Sean Hannity Thoroughly Embarrasses Himself, Sides With Alex Jones Over Former Colleague

It was bad enough that Megyn Kelly gave any air time at all to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, but now her former colleague is weighing in to side with the Infowars nutbag. Hannity is also a conspiracy theorist, often referring to the ‘Deep State’ which is trying to take down alleged president Donald Trump so it’s no surprise that he’s siding with Jones in yet another Twitter-tantrum.

Parents of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre took issue with Kelly interviewing Jones and called on NBC to pull the show. Then Jones complained that Kelly misrepresented his views on Sandy Hook. We’re talking about a guy who was forced to apologize to the Washington, D.C. pizzeria Comet Ping Pong and its owner James Alefantis for his site/show’s role in promoting the false “pizzagate” conspiracy theory involving a child sex-abuse ring. That circulated widely during the presidential campaign, with the conspiracy theory claiming that Hillary Clinton runs a child sex ring out off the basement of the pizzeria. By the way, I’ve been to the restaurant and there is no basement.

Jones tweeted, “Infowars recorded the interview as a safeguard whereby, once again, MSM could be exposed as #fakenews.”

Naturally, Hannity felt the need to put himself in the middle of this sh*tshow to say, “Agree or disagree I say @NBCNews RELEASE THE TAPES. Let America decide.”

“What is @CNN afraid of? I have zero criticism of Megyn. Letting America see the entire interview is FAIR. Why does @NBCNews get to decide?” it tweeted.

He even spelled his former colleague’s name wrong.

Here’s a question Hannity refused to answer.

Hannity does have his usual defenders. By the way, the word he’s looking for is borders.


I totally love how he shows his stupidity in every tweet.

Hannity is wrong again but at least he’s consistent.

To answer that Twitter user’s question, Sean Hannity was never ‘there.’ He dove into the crazy pit a long time ago. Sad!

Photo by Rob Kim via Getty Images.

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