Sean Hannity Just Admitted Something DAMNING – Could End His Career


Sean Hannity has claimed for a long time that he’s a talk show host, and not a journalist. His program is entertainment, not news. And then today, on his radio show, he gave the lie to that statement, and in doing so, he outed himself as a peddler of fake news. Here’s how he did it:

I understand that there are those people that want to be quote, ‘journalists.’ I’m a journalist but I’m an advocacy journalist. I’m a journalist but I’m a talk show host.”

He went on to babble about how he does his own digging, his own investigative work, but he also does interviews and is like an editorial page in a newspaper. But the key word here is “journalist.”

Journalists deal in facts. Sean Hannity deals in conspiracy theories – sometimes harmful ones. He spent weeks hammering away at Seth Rich’s death, despite the family begging him to stop. Even after his own network, Fox News, pulled the story and issued a retraction, he kept hammering at it.

There’s no evidence that Rich was murdered by the DNC for leaking emails damaging to Hillary Clinton. Sure, he talked to people who bought into the whole thing and had an explanation for everything, but all conspiracy theorists do. The flat-earthers have an explanation for everything. 9/11 truthers have an explanation for everything. The birthers had an explanation for everything. Conspiracy theorists craft their explanations by cherry-picking and twisting evidence in such a way that their ideas sound both reasonable and plausible.

Journalists don’t do that.

Hannity went on to say this absolute nonsense:

We do our own digging, we get our own sources, we get our own information and frankly I think we disseminate more real news than a lot of other people out there and we’re proud of what we do and I think we play a vital role in this news media landscape, especially today because they’re all one sided and it’s like a bunch of sheep following each other.”

But real journalists don’t do what Hannity does. So he’s either not a real journalist, and he just lied, or he knows he’s fake news. Either way, he basically just said that he puts forth fake news.

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