Sean Hannity Gets SHUT DOWN By Jake Tapper In EPIC Twitter Battle (TWEETS)

If you follow either Jake Tapper or Sean Hannity on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed the rivaling news anchors have been in a bit of squabble this morning.

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It all began with CNN’s Tapper posted this article about Fox’s Sean Hannity:


And being the overgrown child that Hannity is, he touts Donald Trump’s infamous “fake news” line and whines back:


This is when Tapper points out actual facts and tweets back in his virtual face:

“Reason he’s not getting award, per sources: Christopher Buckley protested that the award in his father’s name would be given to Hannity.”

Then this brilliant gem describing Hannity’s behavior:

1) deny accurate report; attack journalist
2) attack folks who protested his getting the award
3) attack all awards

Hannity then tries to respond with WikiLeaks about Democrats, because sure, why not? And then he piled on some more pathetic excuses, but by this point, there is no use. Tapper has already left him in the dust of his actual facts.

As the saying goes, don’t enter into a battle of wits unarmed, which is exactly what Hannity did.

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