Scaramucci Makes Desperate Attempt To Liken Trump To Lincoln – This Is Disgusting (VIDEO)


Okay, we get it, Republicans consider it heroic to try and repeal the ACA. The harder they try, the worse they look and the more desperate they get, though. They want their base and everyone to believe that the ACA is so terrible that anything—even their cruel and shortsighted plan—will be better. And Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s newest communications director, is putting himself front and center on this messaging by making a truly disgusting comparison.

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He interrupted a British reporter from the BBC, who was asking him about the Senate’s failure to pass the repeal bill today, and said it’s still too early to say what might happen because there are lots of conversations still going on. Then he said:

It took Lincoln three or four times to get what he wanted from the Senate and the House of Representatives, which was the full abolition of slavery.”

Trump is not a hero. He’s doing more damage than good, particularly with race relations, and to feed his delusion that he’s Abraham Lincoln reincarnated is just sick. The difficulties of repealing the ACA are nothing like the difficulties Lincoln faced when trying to abolish slavery. And the very idea is nothing like abolition. The ACA repeal is closer to the Bataan death march.

Scaramucci conceded that abolition was “a much tougher thing to get done” than trying to repeal the ACA, but it really sounded like he was saying that Congress isn’t always on board with what the President wants to do even when it’s something as wonderfully amazing as abolishing slavery or repealing the ACA.

Watch his full comments below:

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