Sarah Silverman GLORIOUSLY Mocks Trump’s Failed G-20 Trip With One HUMILIATING Image

This one image perfectly demonstrates what world leaders think of Donald Trump.

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As we all know, Trump attended the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany this week and embarrassed our country once again while losing our leadership position on the world stage at the same time.

Not only did Trump falsely claim that everyone at the G-20 was talking about Hillary Clinton’s emails, he kissed Russia dictator Vladimir Putin’s ass for two hours and proposed a joint cyber security operation that would allow Russia even more opportunities to hack and sabotage our democratic institutions and infrastructure. .

And Trump capped the trip off by letting his daughter Ivanka take his seat at the main conference table, despite the fact that she has no political or diplomatic experience and is an un-elected official who only gained her position because of nepotism.

It was a humiliating failure for the United States and for Trump. But it’s even more pathetic in pictures.

Most pictures may be worth a thousand words but this one truly demonstrates Trump’s failure on the world stage.

Actress Sarah Silverman shared a devastating photo on Twitter showing Trump sitting alone at the G-20 table with a frown on his face as world leaders ignore him and work with each other.

This is what the world thinks of Donald Trump. They want nothing to do with him. They do not respect him and they have no desire to work with someone who won’t do simple things like compromise or cooperate. He looks like the defeated bully who no one wants to talk to.

When Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Accords he made a huge mistake. He told the world that the United States can not be a trusted partner in the effort to save the planet and the human race. By cutting the United Nations peacekeeping budget, Trump told the world that America cannot be trusted to help foster world peace.

Trump has stated that he intends to look at every trade deal and treaty the United States has signed over the years and that he might withdraw us from them or void them, which tells the world that we are unreliable.

This is what Trump has done in just six months in office. The reputation of the United States has been flushed down the toilet. Other nations and leaders do not want to work with us because of Trump.

This image is a humiliating reminder that Trump is worthless as president. He is not a leader. He is not making America great. He is making us a laughingstock around the globe.

The only world leaders who seem to want to talk to Trump are the ones who want to bring America down to its knees. Think about that.

Featured Image: Wikimedia

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