Sarah Sanders Reads Not Fake Letter From Kid Who Loves Trump And Is Totally A Real Person

Trump must really be feeling sad because Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried to cheer him up with today’s press briefing by reading a totally real and not fake letter from a real 9-year-old boy who is completely and totally real and definitely not fake.

“My name is Dylan Harbin, but everybody calls me ‘Pickle’,” the letter begins.

“You’re my favorit president,” the letter reads. “I like you so much that I had a birfday about you. My cake was the shap of your hat.”

“I dont now why people don’t like you,” Dylan the Totally Real Boy tells Trump. “You seme nice can we be friends?” Sanders assured “Pickle” that Trump will absolutely be his bestest friend in the whole wide world.

To prove “Dylan” is totally and completely real, Sanders even tweeted the completely legitimate letter that was not written by a staffer and repurposed as a letter from a child because of the spelling.

People had, um, questions and concerns with exactly how real Dylan, who apparently managed to mail a letter without ever folding it, happens to be:

What’s most hilarious is that Sarah the Press Secretary could barely read this with a straight face. Watch it below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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