Sarah Palin Tries Rapping On Facebook And F*cks It Up So, So Bad

Here’s something you never realized you never wanted to see: Former half-term governor Sarah Palin trying to recite a Kanye West verse while trying to take a swing at the New York Times. But because 2016 is the gift that keeps on giving, this is what we got.

On Facebook, Palin danced with joy at the news that hundreds of New York Times staffers might be losing their jobs (reminder: conservatives only care about jobs when they are pretending Trump is keeping them from going to Mexico). Her choice in how to “celebrate” the news was to awkwardly paraphrase a rap song.


Several problems here: First among them, Palin notably omitted the last word in the verse, “niggas” – for obvious reasons.

But perhaps worse than that, her choice of verse doesn’t make even a single bit of sense with the point she’s trying to make. As our friends over at Wonkette pointed out, the message of “Gold Digger” is about greed, not poor finances.

Apart from her careful elision of the offensive epithet, the most notable thing about Ms. Palin’s witty reversal of the second line is that it renders the couplet utterly meaningless — one might well observe of an actual golddigger that she conscientiously eschews associations with any penurious fellows, but it makes no sense whatsoever to suggest that a newspaper’s alleged flirtation with financial ruin makes it a “golddigger” in any sense of the term. Not that we really expect Sarah Palin to appreciate a subtle art like rap lyrics.

So, Palin botched the lyrics and bragged about people losing their jobs all while failing to understand the (frankly, pretty simple) concept behind one of Kanye West’s most famous songs. Oh, and then the title of story she linked to uses the wrong form of “affect.” Not bad for a single Palin joint.

The article she uses to support her slam on the New York Times is from the right-wing garbage heap “Young Cons.” Clicking through, a discerning reader would find that Sarah Palin and the writers at Young Cons are being more than a bit disingenuous about the paper’s demise. The “MAJOR announcement” is in regards to a restructuring of the New York Times office building in New York. Several floors will be vacated by Times staffers and rented out for additional revenue. According to a memo by NYT leadership, the redesign will “do away with big corner offices, like the ones you see on the 16th and 17th floors, including, yes, the publisher and CEO’s offices.” Hardly a paper-ending development.

It is no secret that newspapers are struggling to generate the revenue required to compensate for declining subscriptions, but there is no evidence to suggest that news organizations like the New York Times are losing money because they aren’t sufficiently pro-Trump. Just the opposite, in fact. One of the major criticisms of the paper during the election was how it handled the Hillary Clinton emails, with critics arguing its dogmatic adherence to a neutral perspective in an era where one side was openly lying made the paper’s reporting flat-footed and lacking any edge. In other words, its issue wasn’t with being liberally biased, it was with trying to hard to not be.

As a silver lining to this trainwreck of a Palin post, at least it may remind Kanye of just who he is getting in bed with when he sucks up to Donald Trump and organizes publicity stunts like the one at Trump Tower. Not gold diggers so much as morons of the highest order.

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