Sarah Palin Gets WRECKED On Twitter For Using Most Popular Neo-Nazi Slogan In Support Of Trump

Sarah Palin is once again being rightfully mocked and ridiculed on Twitter.

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America’s village idiot had nothing but praise for Donald Trump’s Poland speech earlier this week and she rushed to brag about it on social media, making an ass of herself in the process.

Trump’s speech was laden with white supremacist language such as “western values.” And Palin did not help Trump because when she posted her praise she used a neo-Nazi slogan.

“14 words” is used by white supremacists in reference to a slogan which reads: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

When Trump talks about “western values” and fighting for the “future” of “western civilization,” he is pandering to white supremacists. Palin did that as well, whether she realizes it or not.

Twitter users were quick to let her know it.

The Republican Party and Trump’s administration are infested by white supremacists and neo-Nazis. There is no doubt that they appreciate the shout-out from Palin. That being said, Palin deserved to be taken to the woodshed. A wink and a nod to right-wing extremists is not appropriate. These hateful bigots should be relegated to the fringes of society where they belong. And Sarah Palin along with them.

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