Sarah Huckabee Tries To Save Her Job In The Most Pathetic Way Possible; Even Trump Will Think She’s Nuts

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has reached a new level of desperation.

After her dreadful responses on Wednesday regarding Trump’s alleged affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels, Sanders attempted to redeem herself by telling reporters that Trump doesn’t even need to be briefed or prepared for the North Korea talks because he is the “ultimate negotiator.”

In her statement, Sanders says:

“Look, the president has been preparing for this for quite some time in his regular briefings with the intelligence community, with his national security team. He’s going to continue doing that with other subject matter experts. But also the president is the ultimate negotiator when it comes to any type of conversation which is reflected in Senator Graham’s statement. We feel very confident where we are.”

Watch the clip, below:

It’s understandable as to why Sanders is going to extreme measures — her job is at risk, after all — but this is her most failed attempt yet. Trump may say he is a great negotiator, but the evidence says otherwise.

Whenever Trump has shown ignorance or confusion on domestic or foreign policy issues, he has fallen back on the argument that, as a brilliant dealmaker, he has what it takes to “Make America Great Again.” The orange buffoon says he would do this by renegotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Iran nuclear deal, and partnerships with key allies such as NATO, Japan, and South Korea. So far, nothing has been negotiated. Hell, even Trump’s hotels and casinos have struggled to make money, declaring bankruptcy not once, not twice, but four times.

Ironically, even Trump’s version of how skillfully he renegotiated loan terms with his bankers after going bankrupt has been debunked by those who were at the table.

It’s safe to say that Trump lacks any type of deal-making skills and Sarah Huckabee Sanders is as delusional as can be. Once again, this White House has no factual evidence to back up their false claims. Trump has no margin for error when it comes to North Korea, so he better prepare himself for the sake of our country.

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