Sarah Huckabee-Sanders SHREDDED On Camera By Reporter Fed Up With ‘Fake News’ Rhetoric (VIDEO)


This reporter has had it with being insulted by an administration that can’t handle a free press. As Sarah Huckabee-Sanders stood in front of the WH press corps today, during a now rarely recorded briefing, she was asked about whether Trump accepts CNN’s apology and retraction about a story they published connecting one of Trump’s buddies to a Russian investment fund. Her answer was absolutely outrageous:

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All we are saying is I think we should take a really good look at what we are focused on, what we are covering and making sure it’s accurate and honest. If we make the slightest mistake, the slightest word is off, it’s an absolute tirade from a lot of people in this room. But news outlets get to go on day after day and cite unnamed sources, use stories without sources.”

She also complained that the press won’t focus on their jobs efforts, energy policy, the VA bill, or any of the other supposedly historical things the administration is allegedly doing. They just focus on the Russia story that they desperately wish was a hoax, and that’s just not fair.

Or, put another way, she went into the perpetual “Wah, wah, waaaaaaah… the press won’t push the narrative we want, they’re horrible,” whining that we’ve heard since day one of this three-ring circus of a White House.

Brian Karem, of Playboy Magazine, decided he was just done with this when he interrupted her. He not only laid into her and flayed her open, he did it so forcefully that she was actually shocked (too bad for her, though, she deserved it).

Watch the tense exchange below, beginning at the 2:55 mark:

Featured image via video screen capture 

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