Sarah Huckabee Sanders Begins Press Briefing In The Creepiest Way Possible (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s White House continues to get even more strange as time goes on, thanks to his incompetent team of clowns. Earlier today, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders got really weird during a press briefing, leaving the White House press corps and viewers equally uncomfortable.

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Continuing with Trump’s ridiculous claim that he is somehow “bringing back Christmas” (which never left, by the way), Huckabee Sanders thought it was a good idea to open up the press briefing by reading a Christmas story. She began the briefing by saying:

With Christmas season in full swing, I want shine a spotlight on some of the stories of Christmas generosity and love that show what the Christmas spirit and the American spirit are all about.”

For the particular story she wanted to share, Huckabee Sanders chose a story about a church in West Virginia where a family made a Christmas donation over 100 years ago, and how that original donation still provides gifts for children in need. Huckabee Sanders said of the sweet but completely unnecessary story:

There will be so many acts of generosity and kindness that go unnoticed this Christmas season. These stories are important because they remind us what the season is all about and that’s the greatest gift of all, that a savior was born.

And hopefully we can all focus and take time out of our busy schedules to enjoy the Christmas season. Or however you may celebrate.”

This is just the latest example of how it is becoming uncomfortably clear that Trump and his administration have every intention to disrespect every other religion and ram Christianity down America’s throat. This was an extremely ignorant move by Huckabee Sanders, and we all know Trump was in full support of it. You can watch this creepy story-time nightmare go down below:

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