Sally Yates Just Broke The Internet With Response To Trump’s Russia Comments (TWEETS)

While Donald Trump was making America look like a joke at the G20 Summit this past week, he also shocked the entire country by completely trashing U.S. intelligence agencies and experts when he refused to confirm that Russia interfered with the 2016 election.

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Unfortunately, things haven’t gotten better now that Trump is back in the U.S. He kicked off his return by launching into a pro-Russia Twitter rant earlier today, and solidifying the fact that he thinks Russia and its leader, Vladimir Putin, are completely innocent. Here’s just part of what Trump tweeted:

When Trump first made his pro-Russia remarks on Friday, former Deputy Attorney General of the United States Sally Yates (whom Trump had fired after she courageously blocked his Muslim travel ban) torched the unworthy POTUS for his “refusal to confirm Russian election interference.” This tweet went viral for its brilliancy, and continues to circulate after Trump’s Twitter rant about Russia’s innocence and his proposal to work with Russia on cyber security this morning. Here’s what Yates said:

Yates perfectly sums up just how insane it is that the President of the United States would actually choose to believe Putin over several intelligence agencies. It is one of the most anti-American things a POTUS could do, and it’s absolutely disgusting that he refuses to back down and accept the facts. Trump’s refusal to accept the evidence against Russia continues to be a massive threat to the country, and Yates perfectly stated that it will stand in the way of America preventing such election interference in the future.

Yates has been a massive thorn in Trump’s side because she continues to stand up for what’s right. That’s why Trump had to fire her, and that’s why her tweet – which was only her second tweet ever – has resonated with so many Americans and has been shared so widely. We’re thankful that we can count on people like Yates to fight for democracy – because we clearly can’t count on the president to uphold America’s values.

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