Russian Prime Minister Announces Putin Will Now ‘Remove’ Trump From Power

Russia Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev just posted something on Facebook that should have Donald Trump shaking in his boots  — Putin is sick of The Donald’s bullsh*t and is going to do some things to remove him from office.  He even included the English text of his threat so Trump can read it.

“The signing by the US president of a new sanctions law against Russia creates several consequences. First, the hope of improving our relations with the new US administration is the end. Secondly, Russia declared a full-fledged trade war. Thirdly, the Trump administration demonstrated complete impotence, in the most humiliating manner, transferring executive powers to Congress. This changes the alignment of forces in US political circles,” he said.”

“What does this mean for them? The American establishment completely outplayed Trump. The president is not happy with the new sanctions, but he could not fail to sign the law,” Medvedev continued, adding:

The new sanction topic emerged primarily as another way to put Trump in his place. Ahead are new approaches, the ultimate goal of which is to remove him from power. An incompetent player must be eliminated.

“The sanction regime is codified and will last for decades, unless some miracle occurs,” Medvedev says.

Does this mean that Putin will begin releasing the kompromat the Kremlin has collected on Trump, including the “pee pee tapes?” Worse? Probably worse. But pee pee tapes?

At this point, the one thing keeping the Trump administration from facing the music (Putin’s cooperation) seems to be going away — and Trump with it.

It’s time for him to resign because things are going to get very bad very quickly.

Read the full post below:

— English text below —Подписание президентом США нового санкционного закона против России создает несколько последствий…

Posted by Дмитрий Медведев on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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