Russian Media Is Now Openly MockIng Trump After Meeting With Putin

Amateur president Donald Trump confirmed his weakness at the G20 summit on Friday as he looked longingly into Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s eyes, shook his hand, then patted him on the back after his country interfered with our 2016 presidential election. It was that ‘Atta boy, Vlad, you did it’ type of moment. In contrast, former President Barack Obama’s optics in confronting Putin were far better, in pictures and in actions.

So now, the Russian media is mocking Trump in order to portray him as weak in comparison to Putin. Who saw this coming (besides all of us)?

Russia’s RT tweeted, “Not so close? #Trump further from center than predecessor #Obama for #G20 family photo.”

I hate, hate, hate having to defend Trump, but the fact is, that leaders were placed in the photo according to how long they have been in power, thus putting the former reality show star next to French President Emmanuel Macron.

The Russians know this already.

Russian dissident Garry Kasparov tweeted, “This photo already everywhere in Russian media (as was a similar one with Obama). Putin knows how to play this game. Trump reaching to him.”

The handshake seen across the world.

What RT intentionally failed to mention in the last tweet is that Macron has done what Trump failed to do and called out the Russian President to his face in late May. In fact, he even called out RT while Putin was next to him, saying, “Russia Today and Sputnik were organs of influence during this campaign, which, on several occasions produced untruths about me and my campaign.’’ He continued, “I will not give an inch on this. Russia Today and Sputnik … behaved as organs of influence, of propaganda, of lying propaganda.’’

Sputnik gave Trump a pat on the back, because of course.

Macron called them propagandists and fake news. That’s something Trump will never do as he cozies up to the Russian President, a weak man like himself who can’t take criticism. While Putin denied Russian interference in the election, he pretty much admitted to it last month.

Our weak so-called president trashed his predecessor and U.S. intelligence agencies while on foreign soil, so we’ll give the Russian’s this: Trump is weak.

Featured image via BPA via Getty Images.

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