Russia Scandal Erupts As White House Confirms ANOTHER Secret Meeting With Trump And Putin

Political scientist Ian Bremmer recently sounded the alarm that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin had been engaged in a second private meeting while at the G-20 summit, making Trump’s Russia scandal look even more shady than it already does.

In an interview, Bremmer stated that Trump, Putin, and a translator had met in private in a meeting that was not disclosed to the public. You can watch Bremmer’s full interview on Charlie Rose below, in which he exposes this secret meeting:

This news has just gotten confirmation from the Trump administration itself, as the White House confirmed the Trump-Putin meeting:

This is extremely shady, and Bremmer responded by pointing out exactly why. Bremmer stated that if word of this hadn’t gotten out, Trump and his corrupt inner circle had absolutely no intention of ever disclosing this meeting to the public:
Seriously, how much more proof do we need that Trump was up to something, and that he should be impeached for it? Who knows what Trump and Putin were discussing in that meeting, or why they felt the need to keep it so hidden from the American people? Trump and Putin had already met for almost four hours at the summit (and there is no transcript of that meeting, either), so why did they need to have another discussion?
It could not be any more obvious that Trump is sneaking around for a reason. Any behavior expert will agree that this is just not how an innocent person conducts themselves, as every little thing Trump says and does greatly portrays a guilty man that is doing his best to outrun an exploding investigation that gets closer to his heels by the day. As the pressure piles up, Trump won’t be able to take the heat and will eventually stumble. It’s only a matter of time.

Featured image via Alex Wong / Getty Images
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