Russia Is Now Openly Threatening Trump If He Doesn’t Give Back Their Spy Compounds

Back in January, the BBC published an important but widely missed report that the CIA has confirmed the existence of  “more than one tape” — both “audio and video” — of a “sexual nature” involving Donald Trump. According to sources within the agency, claims that kompromat exists are absolutely “credible” — and it appears Vladimir Putin may plan to use it.

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Putin’s patience with Trump is running dry as The Donald still has not returned the diplomatic compounds the Russian president was using as a U.S. base for his spy operations that Obama shuttered in response to the dictator’s attack on our election as he expelled dozens of spies from our country. On Friday, Russia announced that it is “ready to take reciprocal measures” if Trump does not return the spy compounds and allow them to be refilled with their agents.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova calls allegations of election interference “an obvious lie” and says Russia will retaliate soon.

Russian and United States officials plan to meet Monday to discuss the return of the compounds — and unfortunately, Donald Trump “believes” Putin when he says he didn’t meddle in our election. This revelation came after the two “leaders” had a cozy two-hour-plus meeting at the G-’19’ summit that even Melania Trump couldn’t break up (it was originally scheduled for 35 minutes).

Whatever Putin has on Trump, it extends far beyond the “pee pee tapes” of legend everyone simultaneously hopes for the release of and dreads seeing. What is on the other tapes?

Maybe we’ll find out after Monday if Trump doesn’t give in to the dictator’s demands.

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