Rumor Has It Trump’s Married White House Comms Director Resigned For Knocking Up Trump Advisor

Earlier tonight we brought you the news that Trump’s advisor AJ Delgado mysteriously leaked the news that her colleague Jason Miller was getting canned from the White House just two days after he had publicly been hired for the job of Communications Director.

One of Trump’s advisors, AJ Delgado went on her own Twitter rant with a series of cryptic, hostile messages directed at her colleague Jason Miller, who had recently been named White House communications director. She seemed to suggest that Miller had been told to “gracefully resign” but wasn’t doing so. Nobody knew what to make of it.

Just hours later, Miller abruptly told the media that he had decided to spend more time with his family and would not be taking the White House gig. The “I need to spend more time with my family” excuse has long been used by politicians to exit the spotlight before a scandal comes to light. It’s practically a cliche at this point. Nobody was buying it.

In the space of just a few hours, that story went from “strange” to “absolutely bonkers.” It appears that Delgado and Miller may have been having an extramarital affair and that Miller, already expecting a child by his wife in January, may have impregnated Delgado. (Also the story involves a wild trip to a Vegas strip club so bear with me here.)

Several of Delgado’s tweets (from her deleted Twitter account) have surfaced and they directly link Miller to an extramarital affair. Delgado also calls Miller “2016’s John Edwards” in an apparent reference to the time the former Democratic politician knocked up his mistress.

Little Green Footballs managed to get a hold of the deleted tweets.


Even worse for Miller, Delgado also refers to him as the “baby daddy.”

Rumors that the pair were romantically linked aren’t exactly new, and in an odd throwback to the final presidential debate Miller and Delgado here’s a reminder of the time they were said to have gone to a strip club together along with several members of the media for a wild night of drinking and partying the night before the event.

Sources said that Trump campaign senior communications adviser Jason Miller — along with female colleagues including senior adviser and surrogate A.J. Delgado and deputy communications director Jessica Ditto — went with several members of the media from networks, including CNN, NBC and ABC, to Sapphire Las Vegas Strip Club before the big night.

And in one final, crazy twist, White House reporter Christina Wilkie seemingly confirmed that the rumors of another Trump team affair that had been hinted at for months were true.

It’s hard to imagine what members of the so-called Religious Right are thinking right now. Not only did they get bamboozled by serial philanderer Trump, they were being courted for votes while his campaign was being run like a swinger’s party.

And of course the news would break on the night Christians come together to celebrate an unmarried woman giving birth to a child that was not her husband’s. Divine comedy indeed.

Featured image via Fox News

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