Rick Perry’s Dumba** ‘Economics Lesson’ Is Blowing Up The Internet

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry has an economics lesson for all of you motherf*ckers about the concept of supply and demand — and, yes, it’s just as stupid as you’re expecting.

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On Thursday, Perry attempted to explain this core economic concept but managed to somehow surpass his previously demonstrated levels of “what-the-f*ck” level idiocy.

“Here’s a little economics lesson: supply and demand. You put the supply out there, and the demand will follow,” he said during a visit to a coal plant in West Virginia.

“The market will decide which of these — they’re going to pick and choose,” Perry continued. “I mean, that’s really pretty simple. All too often, you have in the last eight years, you have an administration that was over here putting its thumb on the economic scale as well as the technology scale because they said this is where we want to go.”

This, of course, is completely wrong. If Perry were correct, there would be a high demand for, well, coal.

Naturally, the people are amused:

Is there a single person associated with the Trump administration who isn’t a complete moron? Just one? Please?

Watch it here:

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